Test Goodyear tires

Winter 2019

Test Winter's Best Products!

Don't miss a chance to test and evaluate best Goodyear & Dunlop tires.

Our test drivers have an opportunity to purchase tires with attractive staff discount. Everybody will win in this deal, we get competent test drivers with reliable knowledge and you get excellent tires for a very good price.

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Buy 4 tires with our staff discount.
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Try out the tires during at least 4 months and provide us with your opinion at the end of the four month period.
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Fill out our final test driver protocol.
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We collect your valuable feedback while you keep tested tires and continue your safe and comfort driving.

The offer is valid until 28th February 2020.

Test winner

UltraGrip Ice 2

Multiple Test Winner in non-studded Nordic passenger winter tire segment. ActiveGrip Technology® and cryo-adaptive compound ensures optimized contact with extremely slippery road surfaces for excellent performance on ice and snow. Selected sizes available with SoundComfort Technology.
Test winner

UltraGrip Ice Arctic

Studded passenger tire designed for superb control in all severe winter conditions with aggressive pattern and unique directional stud design. Selected sizes available with SoundComfort Technology.

UltraGrip Ice Arctic SUV

Studded SUV tire for tough Nordic winter conditions. Innovative directional studs provide excellent braking, traction and handling on ice and snow. Selected sizes available with SoundComfort Technology.

UltraGrip Ice SUV

Nordic Non-studded SUV tire for the Goodyear winter range to meet the demand of rapidly growing Winter SUV segment. Built on the award winning success of the UltraGrip family in combination with innovative technologies this tire delivers confidence in extreme winter conditions. Selected sizes available with SoundComfort Technology.
Test winner

UltraGrip Performance SUV

Winter European SUV tire that delivers superior handling performances in winter conditions. Independent testing company TÜV confirmed UltraGrip Performance SUV Gen-1 excellence in delivering shorter braking distances on all winter roads. Selected sizes available with SoundComfort Technology.

UltraGrip Performance+

Upgraded version of Test Winner in the Non-studded High performance winter tire segment. Innovative Snow Protect Technology® provides great winter performance while TOP Indicator Technology® provides optimal winter performance control

UltraGrip 9+

Upgraded European non-studded passenger tire provides excellent braking performance in any winter conditions.  Newest technologies ensure excellent resistance to aquaplaning and great traction on slushy and dry roads.

Winter Sport 5

This non-studded European High performance winter tire deserved Testwins in magazine tests by delivering supreme traction on Snow and impressive Wet performance. Needless to say, handling performance in all winter conditions is on the top level.

Winter Sport 5 SUV

Dunlop presents the SUV tire built on the success of Testwinner Winter Sport 5. New tire delivers enhanced performance on snow-covered roads and ensures impressive aquaplaning defense so much needed for SUV drivers. 

Winter Response 2

Non-studded European tire takes a leading position in performance and tire labeling. With outstanding test results in independent test conducted by TÜV confirm that the Winter Response 2 is a top performer in the European non-studded segment for standard cars. Also, in the 3 labeling criteria’s it puts down outstanding performance unlike any other winter tires.


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